A Nose For News Lost Ark Guide (Walkthrough!) (Feb. 2023)

A Nose For News Lost Ark

Looking for A Nose For News Lost Ark Quest walkthrough. So you are at the best spot here you will get a complete guide on A Nose For News Lost Ark and their location, rewards, and how to complete it.

Lost Ark is a recently launched amazing top-down fantasy massively multiplayer online action RPG. On Steam it was the second most played game within 24 hours after it launched and has gained a lot of gamers attention.

There are multiple quests, resources, items, and boss fights in the game that you will go through as your in-game progress up the level. A Nose For News is a type of in-game Roster quest.

If you are having difficulty clearing the Nose For News quest in Lost Ark game, then we suggest you go through this walkthrough guide. Now without further delay let’s start A Nose For News Lost Ark Guide.

Last Post Update : 4 February 2023

A Nose For News Lost Ark

A Nose For News Lost Ark is an amazing Roster Quest that you can complete in Lost Ark once you complete the endgame and hit Level fifty. Actually, it is a subplot for a different in-game quest titled Iceberg Inquiry that you can find in Stern.

As you progress through the in-game quest then you will eventually come across the subplot called A Nose for News that actually requires you to use a Magick Flow Detector.

The main object needs to be thrown in certain in-game areas of the map of Nebelhorn on the continent of Arthetine in order to actually proceed.

A Nose for News Quest Walkthrough Lost Ark

A Nose For News Lost Ark
Lost Ark A Nose For News
Screenshot by – Donatz
  • To trigger the A Nose for News Quest then you actually need to converse with the Hoyte News Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman in Origins of Stern, capital of Arthetine.
  • After that meet with Reporter Mathias then you will be required to investigate something called the Technologist, pick the Of course option.
  • Then head to the Nebelhorn Lab in Nebelhorn to speak with Lab Director Yulia. It seems there are some anomalies in the Nebelhorn Oasis.
  • Travel to 3 markers (indicated by red markers above the map) in the northern part of Nebelhorn and investigate those in-game areas. A pretty simple fetch quest so far.
  • Now comes the main tricky part. Using the in-game Magick Flow Detector then you really need to follow the traces of anomalies and reveal a suspicious in-game presence.
  • Head to the in-game northmost part of Nebelhorn
    • For the starting clue, go to the spot indicated by the green marker on the above map.
    • Then the bone piles near the cacti, and use the in-game Magick Flow Detector. Scan it until the Follow the suspicious presence pop-up… pops up on the game screen.
    • Next to the 2nd clue (the hardest one to actually find), head to the white marker on the above map.
    • It is in another bone pile near the cacti. Use the scanner in the shadowed area and for some reason, it really works the best there. Also, there is no message to actually indicate you scanned the right spot and so it is frustrating.
    • The final 3rd clue, indicated by the blue marker and is in the corner of the in-game map, near a waterfall. Again scan it.
  • If you actually did everything properly and it must be, then the suspicious presence will show itself as Suspicious Tech Branch Employee. Threaten him up in the game a bit using the Interrogate emote (interrogate).
  • Next head back to Lab Director Yulia in Nebelhorn Lab to report your actual findings.
  • Now call Reporter Mathias using in the Lab communicator.
  • To complete the A Nose for News Quest then go back to Origins of Stern and then speak to Sasha in the northern area of the in-game Town Hall.

A Nose For News Lost Ark Quest Rewards

Here is the list of all A Nose for News Quest Rewards in Lost Ark

  • Silver – 1800
  • Roster XP – 290
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest (x6) every chest contains 10x Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Splendid Shard Chest (x4) every chest contains 1x Harmony Shard Pouch.
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest (x2) Each chest contains 100x guardian stone fragments.

How To Complete A Nose For News In Lost Ark?

Here is the complete guide about to complete a Nose for News in Lost Ark

Speak To Origins Of Stern NPCs

A Nose For News Lost Ark

In order to start A Nose for News quest gamers need to speak to both NPCs located in the Origins of Stern headquarters in the game Arthetine region, who can be actually found on the spot indicated by the pointer on the above map. These NPCs are:

  • Reporter Mathias
  • Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman

Through them, you will actually learn about the Technologist, who is up to no well, hence you will be asked to investigate the suspicious case and create news headlines.

When asked, if you really want to join then your response should be Of course. Now you will be directed to the in-game region of Nebelhorn for further investigation.

Investigate Nebelhorn

A Nose For News Lost Ark

To begin investigating the anomalies in the Nebelhorn then you must speak to Lab Directo Yulia, who is found in the Nebelhorn Lab that is located in the Nebelhorn region center.

She will totally explain to you that some of all measurements in the Nebelhorn Oasis are quite abnormal and she will ask you to take fresh measurements to make sure.

Now you must travel to the 3 markers indicated on the map above in the Nebelhorn northern part, and investigate these areas. These investigations will actually reveal abnormal levels of magick and temperature, as expected.

Speak To The Technologist

A Nose For News Lost Ark

Here comes the most challenging part of the entire quest, the one which keeps so many gamers actually guessing what to do.

You must reveal the suspicious presence and uncover the in-game location of the Suspicious Tech Branch Employee. Here is what you must do exactly:

  • Go to the red marker above indicated
  • Then use Magick Flow Detector next to the bones scattered near cactoo.
  • Scan until you actually receive the Follow the suspicious presence pop-up message on the game screen
  • Now go to the yellow marker on the map of the quest zone outside.
  • Again use Magick Flow Detector near a waterfall
  • If you actually did right everything then this should reveal the presence of the in-game Suspicious Tech Branch Employee. In the beginning, he will refuse to tell anything so you have to investigate him by using an Interrogate emotion.

At this game point, he must tell you everything about his misdeeds, and that is how you actually complete the trickest part of this quest.

Back to Nebelhorn Lab

With all the info you gathered then you must go back to the Nebelhorn Lab and speak to Lab Director Yulia again.

Next, approach the Communicator in-game lab and use it to speak to actually Reporter Mathias.

Now you need to speak to Sasha, so teleport back to the Origins of game Stern. Finally you can find her in the Town Hall norther part.

When she actually receives the news about the end of the game mission, she will give you the following in-game rewards:

  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest 2x
  • Splendid Shard Chest 4x
  • plendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest 6x S
  • Roster XP – 290
  • Silver – 1800
  • One Splendid Shard Chest contains (1x) Harmony Shard Pouch.
  • 1 Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest contains (100x) Guardian Stone Fragments.

A Nose For News Lost Ark Video Guide

Here is the youtube video guide of A Nose For News Lost Ark

Final Words

Hopefully, you really enjoy this A Nose For News Lost Ark Quest Guide walkthrough. In this post, we covered everything about the Lost Ark A Nose For News and also how to complete it.

If you face any issues related to A Nose For News Lost Ark so comment on us and also share your feedback.

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