Video Games That You Can Also Play in Real Life

Video Games That You Can Also Play in Real Life

Video games are said to positively impact people’s lives, especially games that can also be played in real life. As you might have guessed, this type of game does not exist entirely in a digital form, but there is a certain degree of reality involved in it as well.

Players who try these games will find themselves doing activities like walking or running around and manipulating objects related to playing the game. These games are often designed for fitness purposes and require players to stay active throughout their gameplay.

These are the best video games you can also play in real life.

1. Zombies, Run! 

Research shows that “Active video games” can help countless people exercise more consistently and can even be just as effective as jogging. That’s where games like Zombies, Run come into play. 

It is an exercise application that helps individuals get into jogging by simulating their living in a post-apocalyptic environment using their device’s GPS tracker, functioning as a “runner” for a scavenging community using real-world activity to carry supplies.

The gamer completes tasks in the game by jogging certain distances while listening to a growing narrative through their headphones. When they complete their objectives, they are awarded supplies they may utilize to build their colony.

2. Casino Games

Video games and gambling games are not strangers to each other. We frequently see the same mechanics used in both types of games. Slots, for example, inspired the famous smartphone game Coin Master.

As a video gamer, you can explore various video game titles that involve gambling and casinos and make money in real life. Some casino video games you should check out include The Finer Reels of Life, Crystal Rift, and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword. 

And the best part is that they are available online and offline. This means you can play online or step into a land base casino to enjoy. 

3. Business Education: Capitalism 2

Business topics may be challenging to grasp, especially when presented in abstract form. However, one method for people to learn is to put their studies into practice. Enter Capitalism 2! This business simulation game helps students apply different ideas and theories to better comprehend the consequences of their actions without putting actual money at risk.

Furthermore, Capitalism 2 allows gamers to compete against one another, requiring them to think imaginatively to outperform others.

4. Driver Training: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Although there is no confirmed case of a driving school using Euro Truck Simulator two (ETS2) to instruct its trainees, there are multiple Reddit threads where ETS2 gamers graduate from driving trucks on PC to driving actual trucks.

Zdenko Martinovic is one such player. He turned his enthusiasm for driving virtual trucks into actual truck driving. Though he did not have a driving license when he began playing ETS2, he finally got a license for the largest truck imaginable, with a maximum carrying capacity of 44 tons.

5. OutRun – Garnet Hertz

Hertz built a version of Outrun that can be driven on actual roads, in front of real pedestrians, by integrating components from an electric golf cart with a genuine arcade game cabinet.

The most bizarre aspect is that instead of looking at the road, the gamer stares at a pixilated reality that is recreated in real-time.

The car features a front-facing camera that photographs the environment, and then specially developed software mimics the road front in 8-bit images. The program can even detect your speed and appropriately modifies the vehicle’s speed in the game.

Hopefully, this list has given you some new inspiration for playing outside while staying inside. Enjoy!