Top 5 Cutting-Edge Games Released in 2023

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Staying updated with all the latest gaming releases is almost impossible. That’s because there are so many different formats to play a title on—from consoles like Xbox to handhelds like the Switch, to hardware like Oculus VR headsets to advanced GPUs for PC gamers. The list of how a gamer can game is nearly endless… and that’s not even considering the breadth of game genres to choose from.

One of the easiest ways to stay engaged with gaming is to try out a new genre and format of gaming. In other words, switching up the platform along with the game type. For fans of FPS competitions or even casual word puzzles like Wordle, one of the most popular ways to try something new is to dive into online casinos.

Casino games are a great way to expand your gaming interests. Many analytical thinkers drift toward titles like poker and blackjack, which involve probability and critical thinking. However, the most popular genre of casino games is actually slots. They offer incredible variation in terms of theme and features, including slots with larger prizes, like jackpots.

These games are progressive, accumulating a larger win as a player spins the reel. This provides a totally new twist on the classic game, as the tension and excitement increase along with the game’s potential payout. But if you’re on the hunt for a game that deviates even more from the titles seen in eSports or on Twitch, then consider one of the titles below. Released this year, these games are considered some of the industry’s most cutting-edge projects.

NERF Ultimate Championship (VR)

VR technology still faces plenty of hiccups when it comes to mechanics. Controllers and boosted signal receivers have helped streamline VR headsets, but projects like NERF Ultimate Championship have only recently highlighted how far the tech has come. The Quest 2 game lets players jump into competitive multiplayer mode, where they have to leap, hide, and take aim for one of VR’s most successful new shooter games.

Realm (Mobile)

Realm (Mobile)

The original Realm was released in 2021 for the Metaverse. This year, it was also released for mobile, making it one of the most comprehensive NFT-based AR projects on mobile. In the game, players can create and foster their own NFT-based universe, interacting with others and playing games, music, and interacting with art projects of all types. Games can also mint their own NFTs on various chains.

Marvel Snap (Mobile)

This powerhouse release comes from Disney, Snap, Verizon, Google, and, of course, the entire Avengers franchise. But this game isn’t what many predicted when its release was announced last year. Marvel Snap is a card game that removes complex (and decidedly boring) rules. Best of all, you don’t need to know anything about the extensive Marvel universe to learn how to succeed. Want a totally new spin on card games? Start here.

Cosmic Frontline (AR)

What’s even cooler than an AR game that many hail as a visual masterpiece? The fact that the AR program overlays your living space. In Cosmic Frontline, players must take to the farthest reaches of space to assume control of other planets and colonize new galaxies. Along the way, they’ll have to manage their own spaceship and professional fleet. However, they’ll be doing most of the action straight from their living room, as the game’s mechanics overlay (updated in 2022) the frontlines straight into your immediate vicinity.

Horizon Forbidden West (Console)

Following the mega-successful Horizon Zero Dawn, this second installation keeps its original success close to the heart. The game is an action-adventure RPG that focuses on storytelling, following a heroine named Aloy as she attempts to protect and lead her tribe in a future plagued by mechanical beasts. If you’re looking for plenty of dynamic storytelling in your games, then jump into the action in Horizon Forbidden West.

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