Things You Need to Know About Hogwarts Legacy

Things You Need to Know About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy was supposed to come out by the end of the year 2022 but it seems the game’s not fully ready to step into the real world. And while it did make a lot of Harry Potter fans disappointed, a delay was always on the table. But we are not here to talk about a bump in the road for one of the most anticipated and not to mention, highly ambitious projects, we are here to talk about things that every Harry Potter fan should know about.

Many of the Hogwarts Legacy fans have already started prepping for the game by playing as Astrologers with magical items in Elden Ring. And this delay has surely given us a little more time to dissect the game and take a closer look at it. And for that, we have compiled a list of all the amazing and not-so-known things that you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter Game without Harry

One of the things that I am sure many of you would already know is that Hogwarts Legacy is set way before the time of Harry Potter in the 1890s and so naturally, we are not going to see Harry or any of his friends in the game. But that’s actually a good thing because this way, you get to experience the wizarding school as a new student who has a lot to catch up on. 

You get to make your own choice, choose your own path, create your own memories and learn to be whoever you want to be. And we still get to see all the amazing things that we love about Hogwarts including the brilliant spells, magnificent monsters, a familiar world and so much more. 

Create Your Own Character

Now this one doesn’t come as a surprise because nowadays every RPG title comes with some sort of character customization and Hogwarts Legacy will be no exception to it. And it also makes sense because players would want to play as a character that actually resonates with their personality and character in the wizarding world. 

And luckily there are a ton of customization options to help you create the character of your choice. You can choose to be a witch or a wizard and you also get to decide which house you are going to be a part of, instead of being forced into a random one and even play around with your character’s voice. But there still would be a sorting hat ceremony that puts students into different rooms acting as a base of operations.

Train Your Own Class

One of the things that I think makes this game stand out in the saturated world of RPGs is that it doesn’t force you into the standard RPG classes, instead, it lets you mold your class by the choices and decisions that you make throughout your journey in this wizarding world. 

This includes the magic classes you take, spells you learn, the side quests you complete, and even how you handle different situations including your response to a fight. All these things add up to help you emulate your class in the game. This is great as it lets you rise up differently from other players in the game, with different skills and abilities depending on your playstyle.

Make Friends 

Now, this has had us excited for quite some time now and we still don’t exactly know how this is going to work in the game. but one thing that I am certain of is that it will be great to have someone by our side when going to fight colossal monsters, learn new spells, go out on quests, and much more. 

And it would be super useful as well because players with different skills and abilities would be able to come together and combines their powers to overcome major challenges in the game. This way players would be able to do so much in so little time by sharing their unique abilities.

Fight Forces of Darkness

Of course, there are going to be boss fights in the game since it’s one of the defining features of an RPG. We did see some of the magical beasts, some of who were friendly, while others… not so much. But then again, Hogwarts Legacy lets you master a ton of magical spells and combat moves to help you fight some of the evilest creatures in the wizarding world. 

We also expect to see dark wizards and witches in the game who we will have to fight throughout this wild adventure in order to protect Hogwarts and those who choose to stand for the path of light. 

Side Activities

While we are not so sure about it, it seems Hogwarts Legacy is also going to feature some of the amazing games and other activities in the movie as side activities in the game that the players will be able to do. And there’s a very good chance of Quidditch being one of those exciting activities. 

It’s still pretty early to tell what other games and side activities the developers have in store for us, but I am sure we will have a blast of a time with these.

These are just a few of the many amazing things that are expected to come with Hogwarts Legacy. I am sure there are many more that we still don’t know about but we will when the game finally comes out next year.