The Latest Star Citizen Update Features Persistent Objects and More!

The Latest Star Citizen Update
The Latest Star Citizen Update

Cloud Imperium Games has finally released the highly-anticipated Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 update to all backers. Known as “Lasting Legacies,” this update is being hailed as the biggest yet for the in-development space RPG, featuring a host of long-awaited features like Persistent Entity Streaming, salvage mechanics, and a cargo rework.

One of the most exciting aspects of this update is the introduction of Persistent Object Streaming, which means that every item in the game’s universe will be kept synchronized with the server indefinitely. This means that objects left on planets or stations will remain in their correct locations and will not despawn.

The Latest Star Citizen Update

This is a significant step towards a fully-realized Persistent Universe that can evolve with the players who inhabit it, and it’s just the beginning. With more star systems and features planned for future releases, Star Citizen’s Lasting Legacies update promises to be the ultimate space adventure for gaming enthusiasts.

One of the most exciting features in the Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 update is the new ship salvage mechanic. With the right tools, players can cut apart abandoned player ships and crashed haulers to sell them for salvage. This is made even better with the implementation of vehicle “soft death”, where damaged ships can shut down completely and be left stranded in space, perfect for salvagers.

The cargo system has also received a significant update, allowing purchased and found cargo to be actual entities that players can manually pick up, move, and place in ships. This feature could prove especially beneficial for pirates, according to the developer.

Additionally, Alpha 3.18 features new locations across the universe, including a crash site in Daymar, racetracks in Stanton, and sand caves across multiple planets. There are also new activities for inmates, including a new prison break mechanic, and two new ships: the salvager Drake Vulture and the EMP-equipped Scorpius Antares. These updates promise to make Star Citizen’s universe more immersive and exciting than ever before.