The Future of AI 2023 and Beyond

The Future of AI 2023 and Beyond

Today AI tools and technologies have become the talk of the town. From ChatGPT to DALL-E2, everyone is using these tools to ease up their work in one way or another. Tasks like content writing, information gathering, programming, visual arts, and even making music can be completed by using AI-based tools. However, the key point to note here is that all these tools have originated because of a good and cost-effective internet, which is accessible to all in this current day and age.

Back in the day, AI was considered a menacing technology that would one day replace and rule humanity. Although, for some, the increased presence of AI is still considered a threat in countless ways, however, it isn’t as destructive as it was once perceived to be. In contrast, if we look at the bigger picture, AI is working towards the betterment of humanity by reducing the workload and easing up our access to knowledge. This is evident from the tools that we mentioned above.

But again the internet plays a very big role in the usage of all these tools. In all honesty, it has been possible only because of the internet that AI has reached this level of sophistication that has allowed us to enjoy these benefits. If you want to keep up with the current trends and want to get the best out of this AI boom, then we recommend that you get a good and stable internet connection.

Since all these tools require quite heavy computational power and data transmission rates, a normal internet won’t stand that. So talking about a good internet connection, we would recommend you to go with Cox internet that will not only suffice all your work needs but will be adequate for leisure purposes as well. Now let’s talk about where this trend is going further


The tool that is the highlight of every technological forum, website, magazine, and blog is ChatGPT. You would be living under a rock if you have not heard about this remarkable tool. OpenAI, a company backed by Elon Musk and Microsoft, developed ChatGPT. Seen as a direct threat to Google’s dominance in the internet space, ChatGPT is doing wonders for people as of now.

It is an AI tool based on conversational algorithms that talks and answers all of the user’s queries through text-based input. Consider it like Google but much better as it can give you the exact answer to a query rather than give you a list of search results out of which you have to manually pick your appropriate answer or information. Moreover, it can write articles, codes, songs, and pretty much everything thing for you in real-time.

Although, it sounds like a fascinating technology it is limited like every other tool, bound by the pace of technological limitation. Here the limitation is the data repository that is limited to data gathered till 2021. Nevertheless, ChatGPT is constantly improving its knowledge base through thousands of user interactions daily and getting feedback from regular users whose answers it fails to generate. 


Another of Open.AI’s wonderful creations is DALL-E. This is a tool that works on deep learning AI framework and is used to create artworks out of written descriptions. It also works on GPT-3 framework just like ChatGPT but is modified to create visuals. DALL-E was first released in 2021 and then in July 2022 a more enhanced version DALL-E 2 was launched.  

DALL-E 2 could generate more realistic and sharp images at a higher resolution and works by combining concepts, styles, and attributes. DALL-E 2 can generate visuals in multiple styles that range from photorealistic imagery to paintings and even emojis. However, just like any other technology it also has its flaws. These flaws often come to the forefront as minor imperfections in the images while in other cases, drawings can turn out to be a nightmare. Anyhow, no matter the limitations of these technologies, their mere existence of them poses some serious concerns.

The Problem with this AI Boom

On one side the integration of AI in the mainstream corporate environment is a very positive sign, but there is another aspect to this as well. The only apparent problem that is being observed in the starting phase of this AI adoption trend is how quickly they can take over many jobs. Unemployment is the only major threat that AI poses as of now.  

Although the 80s Sci-fi Hollywood era made us believe that in the coming years, AI is going to be a major threat to humanity, well that time is here and this trend can be destructive but not in the ways it was depicted in films. However, the world is already on the brink of a recession and major companies are laying off a significant chunk of their workforce. In a time like this, the drastic inclusion of AI isn’t going to help matters but will most probably make it worse.


The trend of AI has just started, and by the looks of things it isn’t going to stop anytime soon, rather its pace and influence are only going to increase with the passage one time. Although the technology behind these AI tools is limited at this time it is not long before AI will be heavily involved in almost every walk of life, for better or for worse.