The Essential Starter Guide to League of Legends

The Essential Starter Guide to League of Legends

With over one hundred and fifty champions, an ever-shifting, vital meta to be aware of, many different objectives, and three unique lanes that play entirely differently, League of Legends is a highly daunting game to get into. If this were not immediately evident from the introduction, you would soon experience this when you first start playing. 

It may seem like everyone is out to get you just because you are new. Unfortunately, this may be the truth too. You still have a lot to learn about game mechanics, playstyles, and movement, which other long-time players have already mastered. But don’t fret; we are here to help you dominate from the start. 

We will cover some of the most important things you have to do when starting out, giving you invaluable tips. If you want to skip out on all of this and start off with a higher-level account, you can buy one from ChicksGold.


Building your Champion

With so many runes at items to choose from, it can get overwhelming, and you might need to know which are better or worse. Something we have to warn you about as a new player is YouTube clickbait: a rampant phenomenon in the LoL community for pro players to create smurf accounts and beat players at low levels – who are much worse at the game than them, using unorthodox methods. If you are a master at a game, beating a beginner using some crazy strategy is very easy. So do not fall for the crazy builds some YouTubers recommend for “easy wins.” When researching topics like these, it’s better to get off of YouTube entirely and head to sites like, which offer amazing statistics and information on the win and success of current champions, items, etc.  

Until you become more comfortable with the game and differentiate good advice from bad advice, the neutral statistics offered by these websites are extremely useful in building your champion.

Dragons and Towers

The first tip we have to give in terms of gameplay is not getting dragon baited. This is a big problem regarding new players. Many games are lost because players overforce this neutral objective. The dragon can be very useful, particularly when you have stacked all four of them to get the dragon soul, which is an amazing buff. However, it is important to remember that each dragon doesn’t do that much, especially during the game’s early stages.


For example, the Mountain Dragon’s passive is widely considered the best; it grants free resistance, making you tankier. However, after killing it, a standard champion like ari only gains 3 armor and 2 magic resistance. This is truly insignificant, considering the risk. So feel free to take every fight. Consider your circumstances and make the appropriate decision so you don’t lead your team to failure. 

Another subject very similar to dragons is towers. You may have heard the advice many times to take the towers as quickly as possible so you can open up the map and win the game. This advice tends to drive players to attack towers whenever they get the chance; this is a horrible strategy. It is important to remember that dealing damage to the towers does not do anything unless you take the whole structure. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot destroy a tower, then don’t hit them if you could be doing anything else. 

Learn How to Auto Attack

One of the things you may have seen all pro players doing to pull off those epic clutches is using their auto attack. What you need to know regarding the auto attack is that there is both a wind-up and wind-down animation. The former is what your champion does right before the attack, and the latter is a brief animation after the attack. 


The faster you can do this, the more damage you can do, the better. The best way to be quicker is to cancel your wind-down animation. Any movement can do this. This will allow you to get to your next attack quicker to deal more damage.

Closing Off

Each champion plays differently, so it is essential to hop into the game and familiarize yourself with their playstyles, auto attacks, and much more. You will get more comfortable with the game, mastering the mechanics and movement as time passes. We hope that this guide has helped you on your journey. Good luck!