Starfield player designed ships like the Star Destroyer, magical school bus and Thomas the Tank Engine

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The universe of Starfield has recently been illuminated by the creativity of its players, showcasing their unique ship designs inspired by iconic figures from pop culture. From the vast expanse of space to the familiar terrains of our childhood, these players have brought a touch of nostalgia to the game. Let’s dive into the details of these imaginative creations.

Thomas the Tank Engine Takes to the Stars

A Reddit user by the name of MrCaine332 has ingeniously designed a ship inspired by the beloved children’s character, Thomas the Tank Engine. While this Starfield version of Thomas doesn’t sport a face, the design captures the essence of the blue tank engine. The ship features Thomas’ signature short, stumpy dome, and instead of wheels, it uses six landing pads. This design has drawn comparisons to the famous Thomas the Tank Engine mods seen in games like Skyrim.

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The Magic School Bus Goes Galactic

Another creative player, SP7R, has channeled their inner Miss Frizzle to craft a ship resembling The Magic School Bus. Staying true to the iconic yellow color of the bus, this ship is equipped with thrusters at the rear, making it reminiscent of the bus’s space-faring modes from the TV show. This design has garnered significant attention, receiving over 6,000 upvotes on the Starfield subreddit in just half a day.

Star Destroyer’s Majestic Presence

The Star Wars universe has also found its way into Starfield, thanks to a player named Jackygold. They designed a ship resembling the formidable Star Destroyer. To achieve this, Jackygold utilized mods for Starfield, breaking the game’s ship-building limits. This allowed them to craft the Imperial ship as authentically as possible. Despite its massive size, the ship is agile, capable of turning swiftly and landing safely in spaceports. However, Jackygold expressed a wish to make the ship slower, given its grandeur.

Starfield has provided players with a platform to unleash their imagination, allowing them to create virtually anything they desire. With the game’s ship-building feature, players can craft massive battleships or nimble fighters to suit their playstyles. But it’s the touch of nostalgia, as seen in these designs, that truly stands out. These creations not only showcase the players’ creativity but also highlight the game’s flexibility and the endless possibilities it offers.

Starfield is currently available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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