Who Won the Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest? Find Out Here

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The gaming community was abuzz with excitement over the “Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest”. This event in Splatoon 3 saw three iconic figures – Shiver, Frye, and Big Man – vying for the title of the best leader. As fans from all over eagerly awaited the results of the Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest, the atmosphere was electric. So, who clinched the title? Let’s find out!

Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest: A Battle for Supremacy

The Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest wasn’t just any event; it was a battle of titans. Shiver, Frye, and Big Man went head-to-head, each aiming to be recognized as the Best Leader. This Splatfest was even more significant as it celebrated the first anniversary of Splatoon 3’s launch. The theme of this Splatfest was reminiscent of the final showdown in the original Splatoon, where Marie and Callie, the game’s host Squid Sister idols, had a similar face-off. The announcement of such a theme, just a year post-release, sparked curiosity about the game developers’ future intentions.

Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest Declares its Champion!

The crown for the Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest goes to… Team Shiver! The battles were intense, with the 10x modifier battles seeing a spike and all previous Tri-Color Turf War maps returning. Initially, Team Frye seemed to have an edge, but as the event progressed, Team Shiver gained momentum and eventually triumphed.

Delving into the Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest Results

  • Team Shiver:
    • Sneak Peek: 32.49%
    • Votes: 55.18%
    • Total Points: 38p
  • Team Frye:
    • Sneak Peek: 34.65%
    • Votes: 17.73%
    • Total Points: 07p
  • Team Big Man:
    • Sneak Peek: 32.86%
    • Votes: 27.09%
    • Total Points: 12p

Before the Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest, Team Shiver had been on a roll, clinching four consecutive Splatfests and six overall. This dominance led to some fans hoping for a change in the winning trend, but Team Shiver’s supporters ensured another victory.

As we move forward in the Drizzle Season 2023, fans have a lot to anticipate. There’s also buzz around when Nintendo will unveil more about the Side Order DLC. We’re hopeful for more updates soon.

Splatoon 3 remains a top choice for gamers and is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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