On Amazon, Sonic Squishmallows are back in stock

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Sonic fans, there’s exciting news for you! Squishmallows, the popular plush toys that everyone’s raving about, have introduced a new addition to their collection: Sonic the Hedgehog. These squishy toys have taken the world by storm, and many companies are collaborating to create versions of iconic characters from video games and movies. While Pokémon Squishmallows are highly sought after, Sonic versions are equally in demand. The best part? The Sonic the Hedgehog Squishmallow is now available on Amazon. But, a word of caution: they’re selling out fast. Sonic isn’t the only character available; there are three others from the Green Hill zone. However, Sonic, being the star, is the hardest to find. If you’re a collector or just a fan, now’s your chance to grab one before they’re gone.

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Sonic Squishmallows are back in stock

Squishmallows have become a massive sensation recently. Their popularity has skyrocketed to the point where various companies are collaborating to create Squishmallow versions of renowned characters from video games and films. Among these, Pokémon Squishmallows are highly coveted, but the Sonic versions are not far behind in demand.

The exciting news for Sonic enthusiasts is that the Sonic the Hedgehog Squishmallow has made a comeback on Amazon. However, if you’re planning to get one, you’ll need to act swiftly, echoing Sonic’s “Gotta go fast” mantra.

Currently, there are four Squishmallows from the Green Hill zone available. Sonic, being the main character and the most iconic, is naturally the most challenging to find. While you can always locate the Squishmallow you desire somewhere, often, you might end up paying up to three times its original price if it’s out of stock in most places.

The Sonic Squishmallow is priced at $25. If you’ve come across this information promptly, you might still have a chance to purchase one on Amazon. The other three characters from the Sonic Squishmallow collection seem to be available and even discounted on Amazon. However, characters other than Sonic, like Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow, are not as frequently out of stock.

Sonic the Hedgehog has had various merchandise over the years, from toys and plushies to action figures. Now, Sonic and some primary characters from the series have joined the ranks of video game characters that have been transformed into Squishmallows.

SEGA, the studio behind Sonic, is among the pioneers to embrace the Squishmallow trend. While other collectibles like plushies and Funko Pop! figures have been popular, not many companies have partnered with Squishmallow creators yet. The immense success of Pokémon Squishmallows suggests that if Nintendo ever decides to collaborate, there’s a significant profit potential. Imagine a Kirby Squishmallow; it’s a match made in heaven!

For now, Sonic’s Squishmallow collection comprises only four characters. Fans are eagerly waiting for characters like Amy and Eggman to join the lineup. On the other hand, Pokémon’s Squishmallow range is continuously expanding. Recently, Winking Pikachu and Piplup were added, and Pokémon has announced that Clefairy and Teddiursa will be joining them soon.

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