Ironmouse Face Reveal 2023 – (Name, Age, Net Worth, Wiki)

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Looking for Ironmouse Face Reveal? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get all the available Ironmouse details such as the real face, name, age, net worth, bio, etc.

Ironmouse is a popular YouTuber and social media star from Puerto Rico. Ironmouse has a really good fan following and people are curious to know the Ironmouse real face and other details. Here we discussed the Ironmouse face reveal details, so without further delay let’s start.

Recent Update – 31st August 2023

About Ironmouse

Ironmouse is a well-known YouTuber and social media personality from Puerto Rico. People know her for her singing, crazy personality, and high voice. She streamed on her own, but now she works for VShojo.

She began working in August 2017, and now works for an American agency called VShojo, which only makes tubers. Also, she is so funny and lighthearted that she makes her streaming and chat partners laugh every time.

Ironmouse Face Reveal 2023 – UPDATE!

Ironmouse Face Reveal

Due to everything that has happened, Ironmouse has decided not to show her real face on Twitch or any other social platforms. She still uses an amazing demon queen character to hide her YouTube and Twitch profiles during live streams.

Ironmouse fans can not wait to find out who she actually is. Also, she gets many comments from people who watch her live streams telling her to reveal her face. But Ironmouse has not shown her face yet.

Whenever any Ironmouse Face updates are available then we will mention them here, you can bookmark this post to get future updates.

Ironmouse’s Real Name And Age

Ironmouse was born in the U.S. on 11th January 1997 and as of 2023, she will be 26 years old. She said that in November 2020, she would join the VTuber. Her Twitch videos usually get more than a hundred thousand views. In January 2021, she uploaded her first video to her TikTok account.

She has more than 900K+ fans on the platform right now. Her childhood was not really interesting. The real name of Ironmouse has not actually been found out yet. People already like her because of her character.

Ironmouse Height

Ironmouse is the right height at 5’1″ (155 cm) and the right weight at 49 Kg (108 pounds). Ironmouse hair and eyes both color are dark brown.

Ironmouse Net Worth

Twitch streamer Ironmouse’s net worth is unknown. She makes good money as a streamer, as her popularity and channel views increase. She uses the money from her streams to improve gaming video quality through donations.

Ironmouse Instagram Account

Ironmouse is known as Ironmouse Party on Instagram. She has 43,000+ people who follow her on Instagram. On Instagram Ironmouse shares artwork and character images. On Instagram bio, Ironmouse mentions the – official ironmouse VTuber/VStreamer, Singer, Voice Actress, Artist, Gamer.

Ironmouse Social Media Accounts

Ironmouse Social Media Accounts

Here is the list of Ironmouse Social Media Accounts

  • Twitter username – @ironmouse
  • IG username – ironmouseparty
  • YT Channel – ironmouse

Ironmouse Illness

Ironmouse has a sweet voice and seems healthy, but she is sick. Ironmouse is a VTuber because she has a condition called Common Variable Immune Deficiency, or CVID.

This disease affects the immune system and is to be expected. She got into trouble as a teenager and did not make many friends.

How Ironmouse Become Popular

Ironmouse is on the 28th day of her live-streaming marathon and addressed her audience personally. She says in a good childlike voice, – I saw some content issues. It is important. Thousands of Ironmouse viewers dislike the lack of structure in the stream. Ironmouse beams a warm smile. It is really disturbing since she is a pink-haired Twitch anime girl.

Ironmouse is a Puerto Rican Twitch streamer whose real name is unknown. She is never been effective at planning. In real life, she has a chronic variable immune deficiency, making her susceptible to infections and lung problems.

Even before the covid outbreak, she was bedridden and on oxygen. She does not know when it will affect her, making preparations difficult. Being housebound, she becomes Ironmouse, a virtual Vtuber or YouTuber” to escape. She screams because she wants to socialize. she says – I want to laugh, I want everyone to remember me.

YouTubers use complex, frequently customized computer characters instead of webcams. With the help of motion capture software, these avatars imitate their creators’ movements and lip sync, mimicking their movements.

October can look like anything, and the medium sparks creativity. While the trend began in JP in the early to mid-2010s, Western live-streamers have adopted Vtuber avatars.

Ironmouse’s 31-day marathon broadcast ended on 7th March, with friends and moderators providing entertainment. It was a success financially, viewers could subscribe with real money to extend the stream.

Week by week, Ironmouse broke the record for the highest-subscribed female streamer of all time and, eventually, became the most subscribed streamer on Twitch (the record in that category is held by Twitch celebrity Ludwig Ahlgren, following a 31-day subscription marathon in 2021).

Twitch subscriptions cost $4.99, while streamers get fiffty percent (or more, depending on promotions). Ironmouse ended her marathon with 172K+ subscribers and thousands of dollars in revenue. Ironmouse has over 1M+ followers, making her the most followed Vtuber on Twitch platform.


Hopefully, you like this Ironmouse Face Reveal post. In this post, we covered all the available Ironmouse details such as the real face, name, age, net worth, bio, etc.

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