Interesting shooters with online mode that are worth playing with a group of friends

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The gaming industry is simply overflowing with a large number of projects that you can play with a group of friends, but it is shooters that often attract the most attention.

It’s all about the action. Constant shooting, covering each other and performing tasks together unites and poses interesting challenges for the group, so that everyone is interested in constantly paying attention to this particular format.

Interesting shooters with online mode that are worth playing with a group of friends

Destiny 2

This is a full-fledged MMO shooter and RPG in which you can go through the main story together, engage in grinding and contracts, strikes and raids, and simply explore space and fly to different planets of the solar system, including Neptune, in the new Lightfall update.

You can start from scratch, or order a Destiny 2 boost if you don’t want to initially go all the way to the new update, or you urgently need to catch up with your friends in their progress.

Quest system

You need to understand the entire history of the universe and humanity of the future and figure out the reason for the alien invasion of their native land and help key characters like Saint 13 deal with the threat.

Tasks will be of different types, ranging from clearing monsters and simply sending orders.

The main message of any quest system is to slowly teach you the main game mechanics and gradually tell the story of the game project so that you are interested and understand what is happening and why.

Contract system

Team up with friends to complete optional quests that are more about game mechanics than helping anyone, but these tasks speed up your leveling progression, which will lead to interesting content faster.

Just take more available contracts and do other things – some tasks will be closed automatically.

Strikes and raids

When playing in a group with your friends, you will definitely enjoy the system of strikes and raids that Destiny 2 has.

You need to enter the temporary zone in which the boss and his retinue live and begin to gradually reduce his health level in order to be able to get to his rewards.

Bosses are reinforced monsters with strong guards and many skills to complicate the farming process. The monster itself will attack your group painfully and have a large supply of health, which will make it difficult to kill.

The raid requires coordination, cunning, and constant damage output, and rewards the winners with quality gear and weapons that often cannot be obtained any other way.

Strikes serve as a preparatory part before raids, and the dungeons themselves can have several levels of difficulty and in order to move to a new level, you need to defeat the boss in the old format.

A regular raid is essentially just an acquaintance with the territory, security and the skills of the boss himself. There shouldn’t be any serious difficulties.

A heroic raid will already have more health for the boss, the skills he uses will be used more often in battle, and killing his retinue will also require more effort.

Mythic Raid is the best source of top and legendary equipment, but you need to put in every effort to get it. The boss will hit hard and almost constantly use mass skills, there will be more guards, and it will deal more lethal damage.

Trial of Osiris

The most interesting format of Destiny 2, which is that you need to assemble a group of three participants and challenge other players.

This is a full-fledged PVP mode, which consists of many rounds that last one and a half minutes of real time.

In this format, you not only need to defeat your opponents, but also accumulate series that will allow all group members to receive unique legendary equipment, or weapons, which are determined within one season

To receive a seasonal reward, you need to score 7 wins in a row, but don’t despair – the matches go so quickly that even with frequent defeats, many groups will have their chance to get a legendary weapon, which will significantly improve your gameplay.

Interesting shooters with online mode that are worth playing with a group of friends

Escape from Tarkov

In the sparsely populated territory of the same name Tarkov, an unspoken confrontation between Russia and the United States has unfolded, in which all parties use private military companies in order not to escalate the conflict into a full-fledged world war.

You need to choose your side of the conflict, survive in the territory of Tarkov and accumulate good equipment and weapons.

Tarkov is a realistic shooter – here the bullet flies along a realistic trajectory rather than a straight line, which means you need to aim higher to hit your opponent.

Also taken into account is the system of wounds, searching for ammunition, the role of bandits who do not have their own side and will interfere with everyone, as well as the loss of everything accumulated in the event of death.


Games like Escape from Tarkov are great at bringing players together. You need to make forays together to get weapons, ammunition, armor and helmet, medicine, and at the same time do all this in abandoned cities and territories, overcrowded with enemies and without the help of interfaces and a minimap.

You will have a physical map, but you need to explore it carefully and in a peaceful area, since you can be killed while viewing the map.

Collect everything you can carry – at the base you will already figure out what you need and what you don’t. Excess items can be sold to NPCs to increase the level of trust and obtain better trading conditions.


Watch your surroundings carefully and cover each other – first of all, Tarkov is about the realism of movement and combat, which are inspired by the actions of special forces of various countries.

It’s simple – organize an approach to the position with equipment, take cover and hold the line while someone else collects the loot.

It’s not enough just to find loot – you also need to take it to a safe area.

This can be done using an evacuation system:

  • Free – you get to a certain point and only then all the loot ends up in your warehouse and will officially be considered yours.
  • Paid – expedited removal, which costs money and takes some time.


Death and injury await you. Being wounded can cause you to bleed to death if you don’t have first aid kits, so pay close attention to your health and the survivability of the group.

In the event of death, you will lose all your equipment, since it will simply be stolen by opponents, but for money you can insure individual elements that will remain with you even in the event of death. For example, an assault rifle with accessories.

Don’t forget about grenades, which can knock the enemy out of cover, stun, concuss, or even kill. 

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