How To Boost Gaming Performance On Your iPhone

How To Boost Gaming Performance On Your iPhone

iPhone gaming is getting popular these days, thanks to the beast performance of the device. Game lovers prefer purchasing smartphones with heavy configurations with outstanding performance CPUs. And iPhones are among the top-selling phones known for their Apple chipsets.

The iPhone has a unique place among smartphone users. However, gaming on the iPhone can sometimes be slow due to multiple factors. No phone is 100% devoid of bad performance during gaming.

In this article, you’ll learn how to boost gaming performance on your iPhone like a pro. We have listed some extensive tips that are simple yet effective when you apply them.

Is There A Game Booster For iPhone?

Firstly, what a game booster is?

Game boosters are free mobile game accelerators (applications) that improve your game’s speed and prevent latency that might occur for multiple reasons.

Some of the general factors for interruptions in gaming include:

  • Notifications from unnecessary apps and services,
  • High data usage by background apps,
  • Slow internet,
  • No or little storage is available on the device.

Game boosters help restrict such activities on your iPhone. Installing a game booster application allows you to speed up the performance and experience a good game time.

7 Tips To Boost Your Gaming Performance On iPhone

1. Check For Game-Updates

Sometimes when you are not in line with the updated version of the game, the performance might be slow with some latencies. So regularly update your gaming application along with the other booster apps. With each update, the storage space of your game will increase. So be mindful of the space consumed and manage your storage space accordingly for a fast gaming experience.

You can also set up a notification to ping when there is an update in your gaming application.

2. Clear Your Storage

One of the best gaming tips that can boost your iPhone’s performance is cleaning your storage.

Sometimes you might have clotted waste storage items like duplicate files and unnecessary pictures that you must clean. Instead of deleting them manually, you can install an application for intelligent cleaning. The CleanUp app is the best choice we can recommend. It’ll help you clean your device of unwanted files and pictures and clean up more memory. Moreover, it can compress large videos, clear cookies and cache, and merge duplicate contacts and photos on your iPhone. The app is free, you can try this smart cleaning and boost gaming performance on your iPhone.

3. Restrict Background App Refresh

When you are low on RAM, it is hard to run multiple applications simultaneously. Under such a situation, it is necessary to close all your background applications. OR the better option for iPhones: restrict background app refresh.

You can manage this in Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

This idea will speed up gaming and provide a fast experience with fewer glitches. If it is still slow, you can try restarting your iPhone. You can check these background applications like GPS activated through Google Maps and manually switch them off for a better gaming experience.

4. Reduce Graphics

Having high graphic content can affect your gaming speed. So, you can visit the game’s settings and alter the clarity of the graphics to a certain extent for better speed.

Further, on your iPhone, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion (turn on). You may not find this option on base versions of iPhones or older iPhones.

It is not permanent, and you can enable it while playing the game and switch it off while using your phone for a better experience.

5. Turn Off Automatic App Updates

Sometimes a heavy overflow of application updates might clutter your space. For example, if you have enabled automatic Wi-Fi updates, iOS will update your apps without permission.

You can switch off the automatic updates in App Store settings to prevent that.

This idea will allow you to update applications manually and avoid the unwanted updating of apps. Further, you’ll also save storage space occupied by unwanted applications leftovers.

6. Silence Your Notification

Sometimes having a pop-up reduces the gaming speed. So to avoid such issues, you must silence your notification while playing the game.

This idea improves the speed of the gaming app and will develop your experience with fewer interruptions. Moreover, you can also use the Game Focus mode to play your games with no interruptions. This mode intimates only for text and phone calls.

7. Change the Refresh Rate

The other tip to boost your speed is to adjust your screen refresh rate, which is responsible for smoothening the screen while playing your game.

So go to your advanced settings option and set the refresh rate to automatic. Remember, the more the refresh rate, the higher CPU usage, and lower performance.

The fixed range is 90 Hz. You can turn it off after playing time.


These tips can improve your gaming experience, even with a mobile phone. Some fantastic games available for mobile phones provide such an immersive experience. Further, these games are sometimes addictive, and you should play them in moderation. Install the CleanUp application to improve your experience. It is faster than following all these steps manually.

Have a great gaming experience with the tips given above, and enjoy your day!

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