How Can A Student Earn Money In India 2022

Student Earn Money In India

how can a student earn money in India is a very big question. Many school students and college students always looking to earn money so in this article, i will show you best way to that how can a student earn money in india.

Being a student, it really has the passion and passion to grow up in India, do jobs and earn money online. They are very excited to fulfill their future and experience work life. But, they wonder “how can a student earn money in India”. If you are one of these, who is looking for the best way for students to earn money online in India, you are at the right place.

I have prepared a list of the best ways to how can a student earn money in India, for whom you do not need any monetary investment. It’s your determination to find out and your passion for doing exciting work.


if you are a student and want to earn money Read this whole article.

9 Worthy Ways to How Can A Student Earn Money In India 2022

Before we begin, let’s talk a little about the need and benefits of finding work during your school & college years. In addition to helping your family, working at school 7 college gives you some kind of financial freedom for your social activities. There are other benefits of earn money for college students:

  • Learn the value of hard-earned money
  • Provides important lessons on time management.
  • It can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age.
  • It helps build confidence to get a job at such a young age.

Start Blogging [Website] & Vlogging [Youtube Channel]

If you ask me, “how can a student earn money in India with less investment?” “I’d say blogging and vlogging without a second thought.


Why blogging and vlogging?

For 3 reasons.

  • The investment is very low, you can start with a little effort.
  • The scope of income is more. You can earn well amount.
  • You can choose the topic that interests you and work on it.

How Can A Student Earn Money In India With Blogging

Blogging is like helping people with your information. But you need a website to start blogging.


These days you don’t need any coding knowledge. There are platforms like WordPress, where you can easily create a website for less than 3000 rupees. In fact, this website is completely built on WordPress.

You can choose a topic that you like to write about technology, film, sports, or you can teach skills like drawing, language, etc. Just make sure there is less competition on Google for the articles you are writing, so that you can easily rank on Google.

As you give people what they want, you get more visitors and probably earn more. It is not a quick process, it takes time to start making money from blogging. Consider at least 6 months.


Also, blogging has a certain learning curve. You really need to take it seriously, seriously as a business.

There are many ways to make money from blogging. Here list some of the best methods.

  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • Paid content
  • Services, etc.

You can use Google to deeper knowledge about them.


In short, blogging is only done by me here and it is my only source of income.

To get started, you need to get a domain (your website address, for example – is my domain name) and a hosting (server to store your website data). You can get both for less than Rs 5,000 per year.

How Can A Student Earn Money In India with YouTube Channel

Big names like Bhuvan Bam and Carry Minati started their YouTube careers during their school days.


They used her ability to make her friends laugh and took her to online platforms to gain a following.

As they gained more followers, more and more brands began to contact them to use their popularity and advertise their products.

So, if you think you can make the world laugh, or even teach some facts and information online on various topics, be sure to check out this method of how can a student earn money in India.


Vlogs are also similar to blogging, where you provide content in the form of videos. This is just a video record. You can start vlogging on YouTube. Technically, starting a YouTube channel is easier than creating your own website.

Recently, YouTube is in full rage in India. In fact, this is the right time to create a YouTube channel.

Similarly, for blogging, you can choose a topic that you would like to video on. Provide content that is useful to people and also entertaining. There is also a learning curve on YouTube. But once you use it, you can easily catch up and make money from it. You just need to take step that how can a student earn money in India.


People say they have no tools to start a YouTube channel. But this is not true, if you have a smartphone in hand, you can start making videos. Certainly the quality will be a major problem, but you can improve it step by step. It is better to start something than to say the reasons.

My best suggestion is to make 100 worst videos on YouTube, just make sure what you’re uploading is better than the last one. You will eventually make good videos.

There are many ways to make money from YouTube and the most famous are similar to blogging.

  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Video
  • Paid content
  • Services

You can get started on YouTube for free, or you can consider Rs 3,000 for something like buying a Proper, microphone for better audio quality, etc.

In both blogging and vlogging, you should consider your website or channel as a brand. Create and promote your social media channel. Always help your followers and give your brand a good performance.

Blogs and vlogs are great ways to earn money as a student because they have a good scope to generate high returns and students can get started easily.


The downside is that these methods are like online businesses and it is actually one of the hardest ways to get started and earn money. Either way, the earning potential of these methods is worth your hard work.

Become Instagram Influencer

Instagram is another platform that is becoming the best way for how can a student earn money in India. Everyone in his school & college life is trying to improve his social profile like Instagram so that more people will follow him.

Some of them already have more than 1,000 followers when they finish school, while most reach their peak of popularity in college.


If you are among those who like to maintain an online presence, then you can use their platform to speak on a particular topic.

These can be suggestions on makeup, exercise, travel, fitness, etc. Once you start to gain more followers, you get more offers & deals with brands.

T-shirts Design

Designing t-shirts is a fun way and it’s how can a student earn money in India from college & school days. You may have already seen t-shirts with some Great quotes and beautiful designs. There should definitely be a guy who designs them. And you can be a student who can design.


if you are a student and want to earn money from t-shirt designing there are many websites where you can work and upload your t-shirt designs. And the entire process of printing, delivery and customer service is in charge of them.

Some sites give you a commission on the sale and others offer you a base price, allowing you to aggregate your earnings and sell.

Souled Store and My Dream Store are some of the famous sites in India where you can upload your t-shirt designs.


Create Subtitles or Captions

how can a student earn money in India Subtitles and captions work Will help students to earn money?

Yes definitely

Subtitles and captions help you watch movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and more. You can do them directly from your place and Earn.


The more minutes of videos you make with subtitles, the more you will earn.

Platforms like Rev will help you do this. But first, there will be a little test done by Rev, although it is a bit more difficult. If you have passed the exam, you can start captioning and earn money from it.

So if you can understand how serious this job is that and earn good income. Anyway, if you are selected, you can work around, 5 hours a day and earn approx 25k INR. And it’s completely free to join.


Therefore, even if the test is difficult, it is worth a try.

Become Tutor And Student Earn Money In India

If you are strong in some subjects that you have learned in school, you can use the attention that you have given in class to understand & teach these topics and turn them into ways to earn money online.

You can start with your society and get in touch with your family and friends and talk about your classes.


As you know, there are countless people who surf the web to search for answers to their homework. You can help these people by answering their questions through our forum.

Cheeg India has an online program called Cheeg Subject Experts, which hires freelancers for their expertise in various subjects like physics, mathematics, etc., and provides them for questions submitted by students on their platform. Provide money for each known answer.

Drop Shipping

how can a student earn money in India with drop shipping


Yes, of course, you can start a retail business without any investment and you can start selling directly from your place.

Services like Shopify, Meesho, and Glow Road will help you do this. You need to create an account on these apps, where you can find many products to sell, mainly items such as clothing and technology. You just need to recommend those products to people by sharing the link and every time someone buys you get your commission.

The best part is that you can decide your price. So when someone buys from your link, they will make a profit based on the price you set.


You don’t need a website or any YouTube channel. Just create a social media account: Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and most importantly, WhatsApp.

Share links and images of your products and treat your social media accounts like an online Store. Just build your brand, every time people buy from your link they will distribute the products with your brand on the product and people will not even know that you are getting products from these apps.

So, as if you have created an online store and people are buying from you.


It also takes a bit of time to earn this way, because your social media accounts need to grow and people need to trust you. so first Start promoting with your family and friends.


If you’re good at something, you can either get a job related to that how can a student earn money in India or you can freelance and work whenever you want.

Just create an account and start working on freelance websites for free. Freelancers, Upwork, Latium, Fever, etc. They are some of the best freelance sites in India.


You can work as web design, translation, application development, video editing, user testing, graphic design, online marketing, search engine optimization, etc and many more.

Start Your freelancing journey simply with create an account.

Buy and Sell Domains

Everyone is trying to find an online presence on the Internet. Because our Instagram and Twitter identifiers are unique, each personal and business web address is unique as well. Hence, domain address buying and selling has become one of the best and most genuine business online from India.


And it is an online business that is so easy and time-consuming that students can do it too and how can a student earn money in India. The best way for students to earn money online in India is to sign up with websites like GoDaddy, scroll through the various domain names available, and buy the ones you think are the most common.

People managed to buy domain names under 1000 rupees and then sold them to third parties for up to 10,000 rupees.


When you have a good idea for a startup, why join or work for someone? Special mention: – Good idea. The idea is something that makes any startup special.


Definitely starting a YouTube channel or running your own website is a startup, but a very small one. But if you have an idea to start a new business that works, try sponsors.

Start-up is nothing more than clarifying people’s problem in a new way. Think of whatever problem you face, try to find the best possible solution, and work hard to implement it and make it big. Here we are talking about the solution to the problem and we also have years of hard work.

Hope so This article how can a student earn money in India is helpful for you and all of your doubt has been cleared about how can a student earn money in India and you started your financial journey, best wishes for your bright future.


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