4 Great Games for People Who Want to Get Smarter

Great Games for People Who Want to Get Smarter

Video games used to be viewed as a waste of time by parents and video game haters. But now that we know that video games can improve things like visual-spatial reasoning, logic, and memory, they are being taken much more seriously by the public. Some games are made specifically to improve things like vocabulary, maths skills, and more. So, if you want an easy way to get smarter and perform better at school or in your daily tasks, then you should start playing more. Here are some great games for people who’d like to flex their brain muscles.


Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is a great game for anyone who’d like to enhance their vocabulary. The way the game works is pretty simple. You’re given a series of letters from which you have to create words of three letters or more. The board will be filled with empty squares for all the different words that you can make with the letters provided. The goal is to find out as many of these words as possible until you reach the next round.

The game is really easy to play, and the best part is that it’s browser-based, so you’ll be able to play from anywhere from virtually any device without having to install anything.

Super Mario Brothers

You might be surprised to see a game like Super Mario Brothers on this list, but there are actual studies that show that playing the game could help improve things like neuroplasticity and visual-spatial reasoning. One study, in particular, found that playing the game for about 30 minutes per day was enough to enhance the ability of the human brain to grow and change neuron structures.


Tetris is another classic game that could enhance your cognitive abilities. The game forces you to make very quick decisions, which can enhance your reaction times. It can also help with visual-spatial reasoning.We’re not just saying this either;many studies have been made on the game and one found that adolescent participants who played the game had improved brain activity after playing it for only three months.


FitBrains is one of the most popular brain training apps in the world and it just received 12 million USD in funding from Rosetta Stone, so it must be doing something right. FitBrains includes visual, speed, focus, language, and logic games to enhance different cognitive abilities.

The app makers claim that playing the game for about 15 minutes per day could be enough to ward off some degenerative cognitive diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and while everyone would be wise to take those claims with a grain of salt, brain training be very efficient in protecting neurons from damage. So, you should give the app a try if you want to maintain or enhance your abilities.

All these games should be on your list if you want to boost your brain power and perform better at mental tasks. Most of them are free or cheap too and can be played on the go, so check a few of them out and start training your brain today.