DZSA Launcher : (Update!) (Download & Install Guide)

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Looking for DZSA Launcher 2022 so you are at the right spot. Here you will get the complete guide on DZSA launcher download and installation. Also if you face DZSA launcher not working issue so in this post we mention a step-wise process to fix DZSA Launcher not working issue.

DayZ Standalone is a really famous open-world survival game with only one thing to do: survive, no matter what! The game is released by a third-party unofficial mod called DZSA that helps gamers to connect to servers by following a few simple steps.

Now without further delay let’s start the DZSA Launcher guide.

DZSA Launcher Download 2022 >>

DZSA Launcher

To download DZSA Launcher only use the official page to avoid all the issues and problems

The official DZSA Launcher Page is

DZSA Launcher Install Guide >>

Here is the complete process of DZSA Launcher Installation 

  • First Go to the official DZSA Launcher website
  • Then click on the download button, locate the bottom of the official Dayzsalauncher screen
  • Next, open the downloaded file (Click on yes when downloading it requires).
  • Now choose the folder, if you do not want to change it to be saved in the default folder then click on Next.
DZSA Launcher Install
  • When you get to the next window again click on Next.
  • On the next page, we suggest that you create a desktop shortcut, so in the next window be sure that the box is also checked.
DZSA Launcher Install
  • Finally, it’s done now you do wait for the installer to finish its work.

DZSA Launcher Set-Up & Use >>

It’s really simple to set up & use the Launcher. First, start DZSA Launcher then enter your name of the game when prompted (you can actually change it whenever you wish from Settings) and search and join the modded server you like.

This is where the Launcher works its like magic, as it instantly downloads all the essential mods on the modded server you have selected.

Below we mention a youtube tutorial that will also help you

Launcher Command Line Parameters >>

  • password – Password to protect against unauthorized download (should match the DayZ server password)
  • ignoremod – Any mods you really want the mod server to actually ignore, be sure you use the same path/name as in the mod parameter. (ex. mod=@joinmod1;@joinmod2)
  • dayzserver – Specify the DayZ server file (use if you’ve changed the name of the DayZ server file)
  • port – The DayZ game server port.
  • ip – Specify the IP address to listen on
  • mod – Loaded mods on server. (ex. mod=@modjoin1; @modjoin2; @servermodjoin1; @servermodjoin2)
  • skipserver – DayZ server skip loading

DZSA Launcher Not Working Issue Fix >>

If you face this DZSA launcher not working issue then follow these steps to solve them

Re-install the DZSALauncher >>

We all know that DZSA is actually an unofficial launcher to play DayZ separately. Hence it is fairly common for gamers to face glitches and bugs while using it.

If you have come to DZSA Not Working Issue on PC then uninstall the launcher and again download it to enjoy Dayz Standalone without interruption. Check below to know the simple steps to uninstall the launcher from your PC or laptop.

  • First, close the launcher by hitting the (X) button located at the top right corner.
  • Then go to Settings and click on Add Or Remove Programs.
  • Now click on the search window and look for DZSALauncher and click on the Uninstall button below it.

Once you successfully uninstall the DZSALauncher then head back to your browser and again DZSA Launcher download from the official site. Next, the download is complete then install and launch DayZ Standalone and look if the error remains.

Launch DZSA Launcher From Steam >>

DZSA Launcher From Steam

Instead of using an unofficial mod version, we recommend you stick to Steam and start the game from there to avoid any bugs and issues. Below are the simple steps to launch DayZ Standalone from Steam without any types of issues.

  • First, open Steam on your Pc or laptop.
  • Then search DayZ Standalone in your Library.
  • Once you get it, click on the Play button to start the game.
  • When you select the Play button a new window will pop up, click on the Servers located left side menu then click on the Community tab.
  • Now search for your desired server and click the Join button next to it to start the game without facing any trouble.

Final Words >>

Hopefully, you really enjoy this DZSALauncher guide, In this post, we covered how to DZSALauncher download and install, and if you face DZSALauncher not working issue then how to resolve it.

If you have any queries and feedback related to this DZSA Launcher post then feel free to share your feedback through the comment section, thanks for reading.

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