Dying Light 2 Launches In-Game Shop with Premium Currency, Fans React Strongly

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Dying Light 2, a popular video game, has recently introduced an Item Store and a premium currency known as “DL Points”. This move by the game’s developer, Techland, was initially explained as a way to retain players and avoid listing bundles on platform storefronts. However, the introduction of the store and currency has sparked significant backlash from the gaming community. Fans are upset about perceived unfriendly business tactics and feel that promises about the content of the bundles have been broken.

For instance, while Techland provided players with 500 free DL Points as a “Welcome Offer”, the least expensive bundle in the store costs 550 points. This discrepancy has led to widespread criticism. Additionally, there’s controversy surrounding a power item called the Inferno in the FireDevil Bundle. Despite assurances that store bundles would only contain cosmetic items, fans believe this promise has been breached with the inclusion of the Inferno item.

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Introduction of the Item Store and DL Points

A few weeks ago, Techland, the developer behind the acclaimed game Dying Light 2, made an announcement that caught many fans off guard. They introduced a new Item Store and a premium currency named “DL Points”. Techland explained that the primary reason for this addition was to keep players engaged with the game and to circumvent the need to list bundles on various platform storefronts.

Fan Backlash Over Business Practices

However, the introduction wasn’t smooth sailing. As soon as the store and the premium currency were launched, a wave of discontent surged through the game’s community. Fans felt that the business practices associated with these additions were not player-friendly. One of the main points of contention was the perception that Techland had broken promises regarding the content of the bundles.

The Controversial “Welcome Offer”

Adding fuel to the fire was Techland’s “Welcome Offer”. As a gesture of goodwill, Techland granted all Dying Light 2 players 500 DL Points for free. However, fans quickly realized that the most affordable bundle available for purchase in the Item Store was priced at 550 points. This apparent discrepancy was seen by many as a calculated move by Techland to encourage players to spend real money to make up the difference, leading to widespread criticism and accusations of cynical money-grabbing tactics.

The FireDevil Bundle Controversy

The controversies didn’t stop there. The FireDevil Bundle, one of the offerings in the Item Store, included a power item named the Inferno. This was problematic because Techland had previously assured players that all bundles in the store would strictly contain only cosmetic items. The inclusion of the Inferno, a power item, was seen as a breach of this promise, further eroding trust between the developer and its player base.

The Broader Impact on Dying Light 2’s Reputation

The backlash over the Item Store and DL Points has had broader implications for the game’s reputation. Many fans feel that the quality and direction of Dying Light 2 have deteriorated over recent months. Some point fingers at Tencent, a major Chinese publisher, which recently invested in Techland, speculating that this might be influencing the game’s direction. While it’s unclear if Tencent’s investment played any role in the introduction of the Item Store, the absence of such a store in the original Dying Light game has raised eyebrows.

Techland’s Response and the Future

As of now, neither the game director Tymon Smektala nor any official Dying Light 2 social media channels have addressed the mounting complaints. The gaming community is anxiously waiting to see if Techland will take feedback into account and make changes. There’s a prevailing sentiment among fans that this could be the beginning of more unfavorable business practices in the future. Given Techland’s history of valuing community feedback, many are hopeful for a positive resolution, but the current mood is undeniably tense.

The introduction of the Item Store and DL Points in Dying Light 2 serves as a cautionary tale for game developers about the importance of clear communication and maintaining trust with their player base. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds and what it means for the future of Dying Light 2 and Techland.

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