Dying Light 2 Drops SHOCKING New Currency, Fans Are Losing Their Minds

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In a move that has taken the gaming community by storm, “Dying Light 2” has unveiled its new in-game currency and store, leading to a wave of discontent among its dedicated fanbase. Here’s a deep dive into what’s causing the uproar:

“Dying Light 2,” known for its thrilling parkour and zombie-killing action, recently introduced its in-game currency, termed as DL Points. While in-game stores and currencies are not new to the gaming world, the way Techland, the game’s developer, has implemented this feature has left many fans disgruntled.

One of the primary reasons for the backlash is the perceived breach of trust. Techland had previously assured players that the in-game currency would be used exclusively for cosmetic items. However, recent discoveries indicate otherwise. A weapon mod named “Inferno,” which sets enemies ablaze, is now locked behind a paywall, accessible only through the purchase of DL Points bundles.

To add salt to the wound, while Techland generously gifted players 500 DL Points, the least expensive bundle available for purchase is priced at 550 points, nudging players to spend real money.

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Many fans are pointing fingers at Tencent, the new majority shareholder of Techland, suspecting their influence behind this decision. However, dataminers have revealed that plans for this in-game currency were in the works even before Tencent’s involvement. Regardless of who’s to blame, the sentiment remains the same: charging players extra for content in a game they’ve already purchased feels unjust.

Despite the controversy, it’s worth noting that “Dying Light 2” has a significant multiplayer component. Introducing new costumes and cosmetic items can enhance replayability. However, locking essential gameplay features behind paywalls, especially when they’re not part of an expansion or story DLC, is a move that hasn’t sat well with the community.

While “Dying Light 2” remains a favorite among fans, especially those who enjoy parkour-infused zombie action, this recent update has certainly cast a shadow over its reputation. As Techland promises more updates and content in the future, one can only hope they take this feedback to heart and prioritize player experience over monetization.

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