Discord Kitten Meaning 2023 – (Complete Details)

Discord Kitten Meaning

Do you want to know what is Discord Kitten Meaning? So you are at the right spot, here in this post we covered the complete details of what is a Discord Kitten.

Discord is a popular and really amazing VoIP and instant messaging social platform. In this platform, users are able to communicate with voice calls, text messaging, video calls, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called servers.

Now without further delay let’s start the Discord Kitten Meaning guide.


Discord Kitten Meaning

Discord Kitten Meaning

On Discord, when a user actually tries to be nice to someone, whoever offers them the Nitro is known as a “Sugar Baby” or “Discord Kitten“. In Discord talk, the particular users who financially own Discord kittens are actually called Kittens Daddies. These Discord users, as Kitten Daddies, provide Nitro to the kittens, and kittens do what they can to please the Daddy.

What Is A Discord Kitten?

Discord kitten is commonly known as the Sugar baby. Discord users who actually label themselves Kittens refer to a slang term more commonly used for female users. Discord kittens were first introduced in the year 2016; however, in 2019, this term became more famous and in 2020, it became really popular as a meme on multiple social sites such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

What Was The Start Of Discord Kitten?

The term Discord Kitten first originated on December 31st, 2016 by the Twitter user SlaytypeDA. In the starting, only two likes were actually received over 6 years on his post.


This tweet refers to the term being used within Discord’s private servers, which was at first an informal language term, before spreading to more social platforms.

Here is the SlaytypeDA Tweet :

Is It Good To Be A Discord Kitten?

Actually Not! It is not really good to be a Discord kitten. Being in a Kitten Daddy or Discord Kitten type of relation is wrong because kittens are often considered highly impressionable, immature, and inexperienced people, kitten Daddy (user) of a Discord is a cunning, sharp personality who misleads the other people for being their kitten and achieving their goals.

How To Become A Discord Kitten?

Discord Kitten Meaning

The best method to become a Discord Kitten is to join different e-dating servers on Discord and then promote yourself as a Discord Kitten. Discord dating servers are actually the most common place for those looking for Discord Kittens or Sugar Baby to hang out, and if you are really lucky then someone may choose you as their “Kitten”.

But before you go around promoting yourself as a Discord Kitten, read below so you can be sure that you aren’t taken advantage of.


Is Being A Discord Daddy Or Discord Kitten Safe?

Labeling yourself as a Discord Daddy or a Discord Kitten is safe; however, people on the web aren’t always who they say they are and it would be best not to share anything personal with people who you only know virtually. Above all else, always be cautious.

This is particularly true if you are underage. Unfortunately, there are some people who abuse these labels and use them to actually target minors. This goes for both Discord Daddies and Discord Kittens.

Furthermore, Discord Kittens should be careful because people looking for Discord Kittens aren’t always innocent people.


A relationship between a Discord Daddy and a Discord Kitten may start off as friendly, but in time a Discord Daddy may actually begin to ask for things beyond just companionship and online chatting.

Things that a Discord Kitten may not be actually comfortable with. In this case, the Discord Kitten should end the relationship right away and distance themselves from the user.

Nevertheless, Discord Daddy must be cautious as well. Some Discord Kittens are totally scammers and will show interest in you when all they actually want is your money.


Like we said at the beginning, having these Discord Daddy or Discord Kitten labels is fine, but if things actually start to escalate it is wise to be cautious and to use good judgment in order to avoid being scammed or hurt.


We hope you like this Discord Kitten Meaning post. In this post, we covered the complete details of what is a Discord Kitten or Discord Daddy.

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