Teppen reveals The Daymare Diary card pack

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In celebration of fall and the spooky season, Teppen has introduced its new horror-themed Daymare Diary card pack. Daymare Diary card pack provides us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the unique entertainment of Resident Evil.

Free-to-play card battle game Teppen has introduced its latest ‘Daymare Diary’ card pack. This pack includes key characters from Resident Evil as well as characters from other famous franchises. If you are fond of playing cards on Switch and mobile. Then you should definitely play this game. Especially around Halloween.

Daymare Diary card pack

New pack of Tapen is now available. In which Sherry Birkin reads a mysterious diary and ends up in a strange place. There she meets Angie, the famous doll from Resident Evil Village. Jo gives her advice on how she can escape.

when you try to go out there. So you get Monster Hunter’s feline Mega Man X’s Vile and other Capcom characters. Which appear in various forms. There is also a special appearance by Claire Redfield.

This Daymare Diary card pack isn’t just about introducing a new story. But also discovers insane potential. When you select a unit equipped with the Frenzy ability. So you can have other units in the pocket or deck be frenzied as well. This increases their attack power and can cause more damage. Some cards also need to be in frenzied state for their effects to activate.

There are many exciting activities in store for you in the coming months. Secret Spheres will be available in three different time slots in September followed by a repeat of the Turnabout festival. There will also be an important quest activity in October where you’ll get the chance to collect candies that get us all in the Halloween spirit.

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