Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 – [Fix Guide!]

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Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4? There can be many reasons for this happening. In this article, we’ll tell you why your controller keeps losing contact with the console and some simple ways to fix the problem. This allows you to establish a stable and reliable connection between your controller and console.

Most Common Reasons for PS4 Controller Disconnecting

If your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting, the first thing you should check is its battery. Low battery can be the main reason for this problem. If the controller is not used for a long time, it may automatically turn off, causing this problem. Additionally, you also need to make sure whether the issue is with your controller or console. For this, you can try pairing your controller with another PS4. With this you will be able to know the real cause of the Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 problem.

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Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 – How To Fix

Follow these steps to resolve the issue of your PS4 controller repeatedly disconnecting.

Try To Reset your controller

Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 and isn’t working properly, it might be a good idea to restore it to factory settings. This clears all settings and memory cache of the controller, which may resolve any issues. To reset it:

  • Make sure your PS4 is turned off.
  • There is a small reset button on the back of the controller. You will need to press it with a paperclip or other thin cloth.
  • Press and hold this button for about 5 seconds.
  • Resetting the controller will return all of its settings to default. This means you’ll need to pair it with your PS4 again.

Note that this process will not affect your PS4 console, only the controller’s settings.

Restart your PS4 Console

If your PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 and isn’t working properly, there may be a problem with your console. To solve this problem:

  • Restart the console: If your controller is still working, press the PS button and go to the ‘Power’ option and click ‘Restart PS4’.
  • Turn off the console: If the controller is not working, press the power button on the console for a few seconds until all lights and the fan turn off.
  • Rest Mode Identification: If the orange light on the console is lit, this indicates that your PS4 is in ‘Rest Mode’. In this mode, the console does not shut down completely, but most services do.

Disconnect and Connect your controller.

If your PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 and isn’t connecting correctly, there could be a problem with the Bluetooth connection. You can solve this problem by following these steps:

  • Using another controller: If you have a PS Move controller or PS VR, try this.
  • Bluetooth settings: Go to the PS4 menu and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Devices’ > ‘Bluetooth devices’. Now select your controller and click on ‘Forget Device’.
  • Turn off the console: Turn off your PS4 completely.
  • Connect the controller: Connect your controller to the PS4 console using a USB cable.
  • Pair the controller: Press the PS button on the controller for 3 seconds. This will automatically pair your controller with the PS4.

Check your controller battery.

When your PS4 controller has a low battery, it may not function properly and sometimes even Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4. In fact, lack of battery is the main reason for the PS4 controller not working properly. You can check the battery status of your controller by clicking the PS button and then going to the quick menu and looking at the battery symbol appearing on the left. If you think the battery is low, connect it to charge. If this does not solve the problem, you will have to adopt more technical solutions.

Check controller wireless interference.

Other wireless devices may affect your PS4 controller’s signal. Therefore, it is best to temporarily turn off other wireless devices or keep them away. Metal objects, such as shelves, can also interfere with the signal, so they should also be kept away. And yes, the problem can also occur if your mobile phone’s Bluetooth is activated, so turn that off as well when you’re playing on PS4.

Switch controller from wireless to wired.

Your PS4 controller’s wireless antenna may be disconnected or damaged, causing signal problems and Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4. To solve this problem, you can connect the controller with a direct USB cable. To set this up, go to Settings, then click on Devices, then go to Controllers and then click on ‘Communication Method’ and select ‘Use USB cable’.

If you need a longer USB cable, you can purchase one from stores like Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy, so you can enjoy gaming from the comfort of your couch.

Check the controller USB cable.

If you’re connecting your PS4 controller with a wired connection, make sure you check the cable. In case of any kind of damage or looseness, it can cause problems. If you think there is a problem with the USB cable or if it is loose at any of its ends, you should replace that cable immediately. With the new cable, your controller should connect properly and should not have disconnecting issues.

Update the software.

If your PS4 has outdated software, it can cause problems with the controller and Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4. You should make sure that your console is updated to the latest software. You can check if your PS4 is ready for any new updates by going to Settings. If yes, then downloading and installing that update may solve your problem.

Test the controller on another console.

It is important for you to understand whether the problem is with your PS4 controller or the console itself. Although not everyone has a second PS4, if possible, you can test by connecting your controller to another PS4. If your controller continues to disconnect on another PS4, it’s a sign that the problem is with the controller. But if it works properly, it indicates that the problem is with your PS4 console. This way, you can pinpoint the exact problem and find solutions to solve Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4.

Get closer controller to the PS4.

The DualShock controller has a limited Bluetooth range, and works at best up to 10 feet away. If you are outside this range, especially 30 feet or more away, the connection between your controller and console may become unstable. Therefore, if you want your controller to work properly, you should keep it close to the console. This will ensure a stable connection between your controller and the console.

Change the Power Save settings.

When your PS4 controller isn’t in use for a period of time, it automatically shuts down. If you don’t want your controller to automatically shut down, you can turn this feature off. To turn this off, you’ll need to go into Settings and go to the Power save setting, and then click on ‘Time until the controller turns off’ and select ‘Never’.

But, before implementing this, note that it can drain your controller’s battery faster, so you may have to charge it more often.

Contact Sony PS for help.

If your Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 or console isn’t working properly, it’s likely that it’s a hardware issue. DualShock controllers usually come with a 1-year warranty, which covers most hardware related issues. If your controller is still under warranty and you have tried all troubleshooting steps, you should contact Sony customer service. They can provide you with repair or replacement options. And if your console has problems, you’ll need to check and fix that as well.

PS4 Controller Won’t Pair or Connect

When you press the PS button on your PS4 controller, it usually turns on immediately and attaches to your system. But, if your Controller Keeps Disconnecting PS4, you will see a flashing light bar on your controller, and then it will turn off.

Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 A common cause of this issue is that you’ve previously paired your DualShock 4 with another device, such as your PC, Mac, or a friend’s PS4. This causes the PS4 controller to attempt to attach to that end device.

To resolve the Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 issue, you will need to re-pair your DualShock 4 to your PS4. You can connect your controller to your PS4 using a micro-USB cable. Once your controller is properly connected, you can easily turn it on by pressing the PS button.

If you’ve paired your DualShock 4 with another device, such as your mobile phone or PlayStation 5, you’ll need to unplug it from that device first.

Finally, if you want to use your PS4 controller wirelessly, you can detach the USB cable. Your PS4 will remember this and it will automatically connect whenever you press the PS button.

Options For Fix DualShock 4 Hardware

The DualShock 4 controller, like other hardware, comes with a one-year warranty. If you purchased your PS4 controller last year and it’s still experiencing the Controller Keeps Disconnecting PS4 issue, you can request a repair by visiting PlayStation’s repair page.

If your PS4 controller isn’t working properly in a particular game, it’s possible that one of its buttons is stuck. Some people give the controller a light shock to fix this. This may fix something inside, but do it carefully so as not to damage the controller.

Have you changed the buttons on your PS4 controller to another game or system? When this happens, you may think your controller is bad, when in reality you have simply changed an option.

If you still haven’t found a solution to the Controller Keep Disconnecting PS4 issue, you can try opening your controller to see if anything is jammed inside. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you should contact your nearest repair specialist.

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