Adblock For Youtube Not Working : (How To Fix!)

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Adblock For Youtube Not Working – Hello friends if you face the problem that Adblock for youtube not working then you come to the right spot here you will get the complete guide on how to fix Adblock not working on youtube in 2023.

A lot of people around the globe using Adblock and have complained that their Adblock for youtube not working and if you are then look no further as we have a complete guide that explains everything in detail.

The only reason everyone should be worried is that this problem does not occur with any particular Adblock. Users using different Adblocks also reported the same problem while watching videos on YouTube.

No matter what Adblock you are using, if you find that Adblock is not working on YouTube error, then you need to follow some easy steps to solve it.

Adblock For Youtube Not Working 2023

There are many reasons why you might see ads on YouTube even if you have Adblock enabled on your laptop and PC. The following steps guide are most likely to resolve an issue related to the ads you see on your YouTube videos.

Here are some best solutions that you should try to solve the Adblock For Youtube Not Working problem.

Reinstall AdBlock on Browser

If you have tried everything but still see ads on YouTube, you should try reinstalling the Adblock that you are using. Reinstalling software can be a basic solution to all problems, but there are many users who reported that they fixed this problem by trying this step.

When you reinstall Adblock, a minor bug will be removed that prevents the extension or app from working properly and solve your Adblock for youtube not working problem.

Clear Your Cookies & Cache

If you are still facing the same problem of Adblock for youtube not working after reinstalling Adblock, then you should clear your browser’s cookies and cache. Doing so will help AdBlock to run properly and smoothly.

Check Incompatible Extensions

If you still find AdBlock not working on YouTube issue, then you should disable all installed extensions on your browser except AdBlock. Once you are done, reload the page. Open YouTube and see the video and then check if you see any ads.

If the above-mentioned methods fixed the problem, it means that you are facing this problem due to one of the extensions that you just disabled.

To check which extension is interfering with AdBlock, you need to re-enable each extension one by one. When you try and see videos on YouTube, you will definitely know which extension is causing the disruption.

Use Alternative Ad Blocker

Although Adblock is very reliable and probably the best-known ad blocker in the world, it is certainly not the only one. The variety of ad blocking brands on the market is huge, yet, there are a few parameters that you should pay attention to while choosing your good AdBlock.

All ad blockers work on similar principles, but there may be slight differences in their functionality as well as the filter lists they use. Another important point is compatibility with your web browser and operating system. Ultimately, we all want a lightweight, simple to use and reliable solution that doesn’t require any large investment of money.

Reset Your YouTube Account

Even less techy users know that YouTube ads are created individually from AI for each of us based on our search history and browser activity. Advertisements Follow us wherever we go online and take the opportunity to show up in between our favorite shows. So the question is how do we reset all that collected ad data and start again?

The best way to do this would be to sign in and out of your YouTube account. Many people found this method quite useful in case AdBlock no longer works on YouTube. Simply follow these steps:

  • First Go on YouTube;
  • Then click your profile picture look at the top-right corner;
  • Next, select Log out in this list;
  • Now at this stage, you can delete cookies and cache on your browser (optionally);
  • Again go back to YouTube and click Login;
  • Finally fill in the login info and run a video to see the result

Turn ON & OFF YouTube Adblocker In Your browser

Not only does YouTube analyze your viewing habits to provide targeted ads, but it also penalizes users for sometimes trying to block these ads.

Otherwise, it’s impossible to explain how the streaming video giant decides which of its users can skip ads after a few seconds and which aren’t skippable ads.

Based on user feedback about AdBlock and AdBlock Plus not working on YouTube, this was due to a recent YouTube policy change regarding ad blockers and now affects every user.

So why not take the advice of brave ad fighters ourselves and convince YouTube that we have given up on our efforts?

Let us look at how you can disable and enable the AdBlock extension in various web browsers.

Turn Off and On Adblocker On Your Google Chrome browser

  • First Open a new tab in your Chrome broweser;
  • Then paste chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and tap on Enter;
  • Next in the Extensions tab locate the AdBlock version you are using;
  • Now click on Disable next to it then restart your browser and Enable AdBlock again.

Turn Off and On AdBlock On Your Safari browsers

  • First, open your Safari and click on Menu in the top bar;
  • Then select Preferences & navigate to the Extensions tab;
  • Next search AdBlock in the list & untick the box next to Enable this extension;
  • Now restart your Safari and enable AdBlock again in the same tab to complete the process.

Turn Off and On AdBlock On Your Mozilla browsers

  • First, open your Mozilla Firefox & open a new tab;
  • Next paste about:addons and tap on Enter to access the Add-ons menu;
  • Then go to the Extensions tab and locate your AdBlock;
  • Now use the toggle to disable your ad blocker;
  • Finally, restart your Mozilla & reactivate AdBlock in the same menu.

Update YouTube Adblocker Filter List

AdBlock not working properly when it comes to watching videos on YouTube could be a result of using outdated filter lists. All the magic of ad blocking is based on filters: this is how the software can identify an unwanted element on a web page amongst all others.

Sites like YouTube constantly try to change the structure of their pages to make it more difficult for ad-blocking scripts to block annoying ads. And, although filter lists update automatically with each new version of AdBlock, you can still update them manually on demand. like this:

  • First, open your browser and click the AdBlock logo;
  • Then select Options in the drop-down AdBlock menu;
  • Next, go to the Filter Lists tab on the left hand pane;
  • Now click on the red button Update Now and wait until process completion;
  • The final step is to restart your PC or laptop and go back on YouTube then finally start any video to watch if the ads disappeared.

The AdBlock team responds quickly to their user complaints about functional deficiencies and outdated filters.

So when nothing helps and your Adblock is missing some updated filters, feel free to contact the developers and point out the Adblock for youtube not working problem.

Your report can help the entire AdBlock user community to fix this Adblock for youtube not working issues.

Update Your AdBlock To Solve AdBlock Issue

Lastly, problems with YouTube showing ads can be caused by the incorrect functionality of the AdBlock extension itself. Even the best products in the world are not exempt from some vulnerabilities or just bugs.

When this happens, you can be sure that the developers are always trying to fix these bugs in the shortest possible time, and maybe the new fixed version of Adblock extension is already available to download for users.

It’s worth mentioning that browser extensions are automatically kept up to date so the user has no control over whether to update the build version manually.

However, this can be easily resolved by uninstalling AdBlock from your browser and reinstalling it with the latest version of the extension:

  • First, open your favorite browser and navigate to settings;
  • Next, go to the Extensions or Add-ons tab;
  • Then Locate AdBlock in the list & click Remove (Uninstall) next to it;
  • Now visit the extension store of your browser (Such as – Chrome Web Store) and look for AdBlock;
  • Click the blue-button Add to the browser and wait until completion;
  • Finally, Go to YouTube and try running a video to look if the ads are finally gone.

Best Ad Blocker For YouTube 2023

Based on the above criteria, we have some best alternative ad blocking solution for today that allows you to watch Youtube without ads.

By using YouTube specific filters and automating all the processes, this blocker has proven its effectiveness in blocking video ads across all platforms.

The developers have also listed several workarounds and useful tips to avoid online ads on your website.

The list of following Best Ad Blocker For YouTube that solve your Adblock for Youtube not working problem are listed below:

Best Ad Blocker For YouTubeSize Link
AdBlock Plus2.58MBClick Here
AdLockPaidClick Here
AdGuard9.16MBClick Here
Fair AdBlocker289KBClick Here
Hola Ad Remover523KBClick Here
Comodo AdBlocker487KBClick Here
AdBlock4.07MBClick Here
AdBlocker Ultimate5.54MBClick Here
UBlock Origin2.87MBClick Here
Easy Ad Blocker1.01MBClick Here


That is our Adblock for youtube not working solution guide. In this post, we covered all the processes that you can use to solve your Adblock for youtube not working issue.

Also, we provide a list of some best free-to-use Adblocker that you can use to avoid Adblock for youtube not working problem. Hopefully guys you like our Adblock no Longer Working on YouTube solution guide happy watching.

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  • Install version 3.12 and disable the updates (don’t allow adblock plus to update itself) and thank me later 🙂

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