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1-800-345-7669 Sony customer care service : Often the customer has to face the problem related to the product or service and in this case customer service service is required. The company provides customer service for the customer through many mediums such as calling service, chat service or door to door service. Today we will tell about customer calling service and will tell you how you can get customer service from 1-800-345-7669.

You will need this number if you use Sony products. There is a facility to call customer service which can be contacted by the customer service department. If the problem is resolved through email, for which many days or even weeks pass. Calling is one of the best ways to register a complaint quickly, which you can do by contacting Sony customer care in person.

If you are a Sony PlayStation user, you will need the number 1-800-345-7669. This number is 1-800-345-7669 available for Sony PlayStation Support. By contacting this number, you can get answers to your PlayStation account, billing and device related questions and if you have any problems then you can also get solutions

PlayStation Customer Service @1-800-345-7669 – Call a Live Person

Below are the step by step information for you to call @1-800-345-7669 PlayStation customer service.

  • 1-800-345-7669
  • First of all dial the customer care number.
  • Press 5 to connect the call.
  • stay in line for a while
  • After a brief wait, the system will connect you to PlayStation’s live customer service agent.

Sony PlayStation Customer Care Service

PlayStation users have to face some issues related to the device and account. And email is also available to troubleshoot the problem but it takes more time. So in such a situation, using calling service is a good option for quick troubleshooting, Sony products are used by many people like mobiles, TVs, camera consoles, etc. With the help of which they can take advantage of this facility by talking to the customer support executive on call 1-800-345-7669.

PlayStation Voice Main Menu options :

  • Press Key 1 – To access your Sony PlayStation network account or reset your PS password
  • Press Key 2 – For questions about charges on your PlayStation Network Account (PSN).
  • Press Key 3 – To Help Troubleshoot Your PS4, Controller, or Other Peripheral.
  • Press Key 4 – If you are calling about your Playstation VR.
  • Press Key 5 – For all other inquiries.

Sony Number Help & Support Numbers

There are many different products of Sony, so Sony has divided the customer support according to the need of the customer, but with more numbers, the customer gets confused as to which number to call. We have added those numbers for you so that you can use any other customer care number you need.

  1. Dial 1(800) 345-7669 for Sony PlayStation service.
  2. Dial 1(877) 398-7669 for Sony professional services.
  3. Dial 1(855) 806-8462 for mobile service.
  4. Dial 1(800) 883-6817 for Sony product operational support.

It is important to know all the numbers given above. All the numbers given here connect you with Sony Customer Care. List 1 Number 1(800) 345-7669 connect you to Sony PlayStation service customer care. Number 1(877) 398-7669 in List 2 connects to Sony professional services care. Number 1(855) 806-8462 in List 3 connects you to customer care for mobile service related services and finally number 1(800) 883-6817 in List 4 connects you with Sony product operational support customer care.

Sony Live Chat Support

If you do not want to use the calling facility of Sony, then you can take advantage of Sony chat support. This can also prove to be a great option for you.

Sony Live Chat Support
Sony Live Chat Support

Sometimes it also happens that due to the high number of calls, we are unable to talk to the customer care, due to which we also waste a little time but can take advantage of the facility of Sony Live Chat. To join Sony Live Chat, you visit this given link and select your service.

When you land on the site by clicking on the link, you will get to see many product and service options. For which product and service (Cameras & accessories, TV & Home Video, Home, Car, & Portable Audio, Xperia Mobile & Smart Devices, Aibo, PlayStation, Broadcast & Professional) you want to do live chat then click on that option.

When you click on the product or service, a new window will pop up in front of you. You have to wait for some time. When the screen will load, you will have some new options that you have to fill. Fill the asked information in the form and submit, after submitting the information, you will be connected to the live chat system.

Sony Live Chat
Sony Live Chat

FAQs of Sony Customer Care Service

What is PlayStation Support Phone Numbers?

1-800-345-7669 is the Sony customer care service number and you can also use live chat support service from 6AM to 6PM PST on Monday to Friday.

What are Sony PlayStation Web Links?

What is PlayStation support email address?

How do I send an email to Sony?

If you want to mail to Sony, you can use [email protected] for this. But can’t say till when you will get the response

What is PlayStation Mailing Addresses?

Sony PlayStation mailing address is Job Center: 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy. San Mateo, CA 94404

How to use PlayStation Live Chat Support?

To use Sony Live Chat, you can go to the Live Chat support page by clicking on the given link (Go To Live Chat) and you can get the Live Chat facility. Timings to join Live Chat is 6am to 10pm PST on Monday to Friday, And 7am to 8pm PST on Saturday to Sunday.

What are PlayStation Customer Service Representatives Hours?

PlayStation Customer Service Live Chat facility 6am to 10pm PST on Monday to Friday, And 7am to 8pm PST on Saturday to Sunday. And for calling 6am to 6pm PST on Monday-Friday.


Hope this Sony Customer Care Service post will be useful for you. All Sony and PlayStation related customer service call numbers and live check details are provided. You can take advantage of Sony Customer Care Service from the given number 1-800-345-7669.

And we also keep updating the information from time to time so that you keep getting the correct information. But if you are not getting help from the given information, then you should inform us so that we can update the information on the post in a timely manner and give you the correct information.

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