Which apps do students can use for essay writing

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Modern technologies help students a lot in their studies and all people on the planet in their lives. It is essential to find suitable applications and sites that will be both high quality and justified by the price and safe for your data. In our post, we have compiled a list of the most valuable programs that will help you study and, at the same time, speed up the process.

9 Essay Writing Software

A written task like an essay is very often given to students in various subjects, and you should always be ready to complete them. Sometimes they require too much time to complete, which students need to have. It is not enough just to write the paper because it needs to be checked and formatted. Students can always find help from an author with years of experience on the Essay Shark website. In the course of cooperation, they receive special assistance and high-quality papers. The applications we leave below will help you write your essay if you have the time and energy. So check them out and choose what suits you best.

Pro Writing Aid 

This is a cloud-based text editing tool and is most often used by bloggers, writers, copywriters, and those who create essays. The essence of this software is to identify errors in the paper and eliminate them efficiently and quickly. You can use the free version or buy a subscription. Thousands of authors use this software and successfully create their works. Pro Writing Aid can be used in MS Word, Google Docs, and other documents. The free version can be checked for 500 words, and the paid subscription starts at $79 per year. Or you can buy a monthly subscription for $20, which could be better if you check regularly.


This application is considered one of the most popular and high-quality essay checkers. With it, you can check your essay and find the best synonyms or paraphrase part of the text. Grammarly also has a free version where you can check the text for uniqueness and errors. But when you purchase a subscription, you can check for more errors and set the tone for your text. For example, the application will show you if your essay is written too strictly or vice versa. You can also install a browser extension, and everything you write on the Internet will be automatically checked using Grammarly.


This application will help you cope with your task as it will write an essay for you, and you will not need to spend much time on work. It will help you build a good structure and ensure all the text is written correctly, grammatically, and punctually. You can install an application on your device, no matter what software is on it. Try Edusson, and you will definitely save a lot of time searching for information and editing your essay.


Let’s introduce you to a simple and easy-to-use Simplenote application that, on top of everything else, is also free. Since you are often advised to plan an essay and take notes of where you looked for information, it will be helpful for you to use this application. It’s great for writers who don’t need to use images or text to jot down everything they come up with quickly.

Libre Office Writer 

This program is compelling and convenient for writers. With this application, you can create a well-designed, structured essay that looks professional. You can create any written work, from an article to a master’s work, using Libre Office Writer. Even presentations and technical reports will be conveniently used with this program. With the help of this software, you can share your projects, make changes and create all kinds of projects.

Focus Writer 

Focus Writer is an entirely free program so that everyone can process their text, and at the same time, it is open source. It can be installed on any operating system that is most commonly used worldwide. You can save documents in RTF format. With this program, you can easily count the number of words or characters in an essay. You can also check to spell and view all your documents in tabs. If you need a concise assistant, this one is perfect for you, as Focus Writer has a hidden interface.


This application is cross-platform, and at the same time, it is beautiful for you to use it to create a takeaway with a flock and to process handwritten notes. With it, you can perform many different actions, from creating an outline for an essay to highlighting your expense receipts. The application is entirely free; therefore, it is excellent for students who keep track of expenses. Also, you can search for the text of the image and send it to your friends inside the program.


You have heard about this application before, as it is often discussed on the Internet. This application is really cool and helps in the work. With this editor, you can quickly bring your essay to the ideal. Hemingway will show you exactly which of your sentences in the text are too long and easily makes your text concise and, at the same time, logical. You can buy a subscription to this software for only $20 on your computer, but you can use it completely free on your phone.


You can feel like a famous author if you use the application created by Tom Hanks himself. With it, you can create your essay as if on a blank sheet of paper, and at the same time, whenever you press the keys, you hear the sound of a typewriter. You can also check to spell and use other tools to polish your text. A free version is available, but you can pay $2 for each additional app model.

Use those applications that can quickly create an essay without errors and typos. That is why you will be able to save more time yourself!

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