Five Incredible Instagram Features Than Everyone Should Know

Five Incredible Instagram Features Than Everyone Should Know

Instagram is a trend now. You can see several features being introduced and updated now and then. Keeping up with and noticing every detail and new addition can be challenging. If you couldn’t frequent Instagram much while being busy playing the Pokies real money Australia, You might have missed a lot these past few months.

Instagram has brought several updates, some of which are fun while others are powerful for finding your interests. When you can’t keep track of the incredible new features everyone is talking about, Let this article unfold before you. 

Read on to quell your curiosity:

Archive Your Posts

When you have had your Instagram account for many years, the posts of the early years may be burdensome. You don’t want everyone to see that crazy hair colour you got as a bet some years ago, right? Some memories are embarrassing yet precious enough that you don’t want to delete them. This is where the post archive helps you.

To save yourself from the regret of deleting your old posts, archive them in the post-setting options. The best part of archives is that no one can see the posts except for yourself. There will still be likes and comments on the post, and you can restore them whenever you feel like it.

Make Your Custom Feed

It gets frustrating when irrelevant posts keep popping up on your feed. Although sometimes you can find something interesting, often they ruin your mood if you want to stay in your circle. Do you like to have a Feed filled with your exciting subjects? You can make your custom feed.

Go to settings, tap the privacy option, and scroll down to ‘Account You Follow’ select the Accounts you have had a minor interaction with within the past few months and unfollow them to prevent their posts from filling your feed. There you have it; enjoy your time while scrolling down your favorite feed posts.

Customize Your Stickers

Besides Instagram’s incredible and most used selfie sticker feature, you can now customize them for your hashtags. Simply putting the hashtags can make your post quite filled and complicated. Although the right emojis can help to make them pleasing to the eye, you can take it a step ahead by making customized stickers. 

Promoting the hashtag you want to go viral with stickers is an excellent hack. When someone likes your stickers, they will share and use them firsthand for their posts. So, all in all, you lose nothing but gain plenty. 

Would you like to make your stickers?

Just take a photo, tap the sticker icon, select the hashtag, render it to your liking, and post it on your story. Easy!

Have Fun With The Font Styles

When people visit your Instagram account, the first thing that grabs their attention is your Bio. Your Bio gives everyone a brief idea about your personality and character. It is not wrong to say that it is the first impression of you on people. You can use different emojis to stand out from other users. 

But with the introduction of fonts, you can dress your Bio in professional, chic, fantastic, straightforward, or any facade you want. A font other than the default one looks pretty welcoming, just like Welcome bonus online casino, and immediately attracts people’s attention and prevents them from scrolling your account away. It is an incredible hack for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, content creators, influencers, or anyone wanting to make their names stand out. 

The Bottom Line

With an impressive almost 1.4 billion users, Instagram is among the most revered social platforms. One of the significant reasons for its fame is its user experience upgrades. It is getting better daily to let you use it the way you want.