Chunkbase : How to Use it for Minecraft Bedrock

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The infinite possibilities of exploration and creativity are offered to the player with Minecraft, a popular game that is famous for its enormous procedural worlds. It can be a daunting task to navigate this vast terrain, particularly if you seek out specific biomes, structures or resources. Enter Chunkbase, a tool that makes it easy for lovers of the Minecraft game to explore. An in depth look at Chunkbase and its application for the Minecraft edition of Bedrock is given in this guide.

What is Chunkbase?

Chunkbase is a web-based application tailored for Minecraft players. It offers a suite of tools that allow users to locate various in-game elements by inputting their world’s seed. A seed in Minecraft is a code (either numeric or alphanumeric) that determines how the world is generated. By using this seed, Chunkbase can map out where specific structures, biomes, and resources are located.

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Why Use Chunkbase for Minecraft Bedrock?

While Minecraft offers the thrill of exploration, there are times when players might be on the hunt for specific resources or structures. For instance, finding a fortress or a particular biome can be crucial for gameplay progression. Manually searching can be time-consuming and often frustrating. Chunkbase streamlines this process, providing precise coordinates for these points of interest.

Key Features of Chunkbase:

  1. Biome Finder: One of the most popular tools, the Biome Finder, allows players to locate specific biomes in their world. Whether you’re searching for a rare mushroom island or a sprawling desert, this tool can pinpoint its location.
  2. Slime Chunk Finder: Slimes are unique mobs in Minecraft that only spawn in specific chunks. The Slime Chunk Finder identifies these chunks, making it easier for players to farm slimes.
  3. Village Finder: Villages are essential hubs for trading and interacting with villagers. With the Village Finder, players can easily locate the nearest village.
  4. Other Tools: Chunkbase offers a plethora of other tools, including the Dungeon Finder, Mansion Finder, and more. Each tool is designed to assist players in locating specific structures or resources.

How to Use Chunkbase for Minecraft Bedrock

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition gives players a playground full of limitless possibilities through its huge and procedurally created worlds. Sometimes, however, finding the specific structures, biomes or resources may be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Chunkbase will play a role. The online tool facilitates the search process, providing a precise location for each intugame element to be exploited by players. here are the guide of How to Use Chunkbase for Minecraft Bedrock.

1. Determine Your World’s Seed:

Before you can utilize Chunkbase, you need to know your Minecraft world’s seed. This seed is a unique code that determines how your world is generated.

  • For Existing Worlds:
    • Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
    • Select ‘Play’ and navigate to the ‘Edit’ option next to your world’s name.
    • Scroll down in the ‘Game’ settings until you find the ‘Seed’ section. Note down this number.
  • For New Worlds:
    • When creating a new world, you can either choose a specific seed or let the game generate one for you. If you opt for the latter, follow the steps above to find out the seed once the world is created.

2. Access Chunkbase:

3. Select the Appropriate Tool:

Chunkbase offers a variety of tools tailored for different purposes:

  • Biome Finder: Locates specific biomes.
  • Slime Chunk Finder: Identifies chunks where slimes spawn.
  • Village Finder: Pinpoints village locations.
  • And many more…

Choose the tool that aligns with your current objective in Minecraft.

4. Configure the Tool for Bedrock Edition:

  • Once you’ve selected a tool, you’ll notice a dropdown menu labeled ‘Version.’ Click on this menu and select the version that matches your Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It’s crucial to choose the Bedrock version, as seeds generate differently between Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions.

5. Input Your Seed:

  • In the ‘Seed’ input box, type or paste your world’s seed.

6. Navigate the Map:

  • After entering your seed, Chunkbase will generate a map of your world. This map will highlight the locations of the structure or biome you’re searching for.
  • Use the map’s navigation tools to zoom in or out and click-and-drag to move around. As you navigate, you’ll notice grid lines representing individual chunks and icons indicating points of interest.
  • Hovering over or clicking on these icons will display additional information, such as coordinates, which you can then use in your Minecraft game.

7. Transfer Coordinates to Minecraft:

  • Once you’ve identified a location you want to visit, note down its coordinates.
  • Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition and use the in-game tools to navigate to the specified coordinates. For instance, you can use the game’s map item, ensuring you’re moving in the right direction.


Chunkbase is a powerful tool that brings a strategic layer to Minecraft exploration. By providing precise locations for in-game elements, it allows players to approach the game with a plan, ensuring they get the most out of their Minecraft Bedrock adventures. Whether you’re searching for a rare biome, a nearby village, or a slime spawning chunk, Chunkbase is your trusty companion on your Minecraft journey.

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