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Looking for Talented Game Guide Writers!

Faind X is looking for writers to write guides for many popular games. If you consider yourself an avid gamer and want to be paid to put together guides, then you’ve come to the right place!

What I’m mainly looking for is someone to write guides on UPCOMING things about these particular games. If we were to get a large enough foothold within a particular game, then we could go back and write more in-depth guides for older topics. Here’s a small list of games we’ll be looking to cover.

We’re only looking at applications from writers with professional game guide writing experience!


  • You should have good experience in writing on gaming topics.
  • You should also have knowledge of SEO & SEO Optimize Articles.
  • You should have good command over the English language.
  • You Must have good writing & typing speed
  • Your catching power should be good

What you don't want to do

  • You do not have to use AI tools for writing.
  • Copy content is not to be published.